That’s an interesting thing to think about. Investing can be scary, especially having seen a global recession where millions of people’s investments were gutted, but there really are few other ways to actually create wealth. I guess when it comes time to manage our money by investing, I will go for a diverse portfolio of investments. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” Mutual funds, stocks, I’m going to have to learn about commodities, treasury bills, and certificates of deposit and the like. I want to make sure that our money is not completely dependent on the market, but I do want the ability to earn.

Just to clarify, I am not really interested in speculating. I want a secure retirement, enough to pay for the kids’ college, and some to play with. This is never going to become an investment blog. And, just because our debt is paid off doesn’t mean that I will become a spendthrift again. Green and thrifty isn’t just about saving money, it’s about living lightly on the planet and making the most of what you have. That will always be a goal, no matter how much money we have.

I tend to focus on saving though. I am a believer in having money for a rainy day. But there does come a point where saving becomes inefficient. Once we have six months of paychecks saved, it makes sense to start trying to create wealth to achieve our other goals.

It’s funny how easy it is to sound greedy. We don’t really have language for wanting to earn without sounding like we are focused on money for its own sake. But, as with many things, money is a tool. Having it makes life easier. I have dreams and goals for which I need money, just like everyone else. For those, I need to learn how to make my dollars work for me and create little baby dollars of their own. Savings will only take me so far.

The above quote applies to me in the sense that I need to learn how to create at least some wealth to live the kind of life I want to live, even in a small way. We all do. Just remember that all that money we’re saving by being thrifty needs to have a purpose, whether its to make ends meet, pay off debt, build a nest egg, or to invest. Hopefully it will be all of those in succession! That’s what I’m hoping for at least.

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  1. “Green & thrifty isn’t about just saving money….” I agree 100%.

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