A community of gardeners

Charity begins at home but spreads throughout the community. I had this idea today and I wanted to run it by you all as a possibility. My idea was to buy extra seeds and potting soil when you’re ready to start your garden – winter or summer – and distribute them in cheap pots (maybe peat pots) to your neighborhood. Give each house one of a few different varieties and let them know that their neighbors have something different if they want to share or trade. Give an instruction sheet along with the number of, or information about, the cooperative extension or comparable agency that gives out free gardening information.

This doesn’t have to be a big operation, it can just be a few pots to a few random neighbors or homes in your area. The point is to foster community and, possibly, gardening among your neighbors or others around you. Just about anyone can grow something in a pot if given instructions on how to do it and how much water it needs and the like. A successful harvest (yes, I am talking veggie plants here) may get them hooked on gardening and willing to expand the next season.

Of course, I’d prefer we do this with organic seeds and dirt, but I understand if that’s too expensive or unrealistic. The information you give could be about organic gardening though. If we can create interest in organic gardening, that’s the best possible outcome. You can leave your contact information with the palnts so people don’t think it’s some kind of trick, or you can do it anonymously and trust to the information you include to sway people. Either way would work.

I’d be sure to include the gardener’s club or cooperative extension information though. Most of them would be happy for the exposure, and you’d be helping them and the new gardener at the same time. It couldn’t hurt to have them in your side!

With harvest upon us soon, it seems worthwhile to remember that not everyone is a gardener, but just about anyone can grow a plant. Pass the pots out at work or at the local school. Put them in people’s doorsteps. Anywhere there aren’t gardeners but there could be is a good place to do it.

Just an idea.

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