Second harvest!


Whoo-hoo! My first grape tomato (with Avengers sandwich keeper top for size reference – what can I say, I have boys and we all love the Avengers). My garden is rioting. My vines are tying to escape


and my beets have been taken over by squash. My corn is rising above it thankfully.


I love this garden!

Oh! And my purple potatoes are flowering!


And, I may have planted one too many tomato plants in my box


But I’m going to have a ton of tomatoes for salsa and spaghetti sauce!

That’s my garden this year and I’m officially obsessed with it. I now have more pictures of my garden on my tablet than pictures of my children. Lol! Don’t worry, I’ll remedy that. Harvest time is coming, everything is flowering and fruiting. Exciting!

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1 Response to Second harvest!

  1. bmary says:

    Whoo hoo! 🙂

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