Older and, maybe, wiser

It seems I am getting more militant the older I get. My ethics are finally crystallizing and I’m consciously trying to live within those boundaries. Thankfully I have not gotten to the point where I judge others because they have made different choices from mine though! Heck, my family is not making the same choices I am and I have no right to expect them to. I can discuss my choices with them but I can’t expect them to follow me blindly. They are their own people and their choices are their own.

No, I’m just getting more militant within my own mind. Things that I used to believe in are either being reinforced or burned away. Things that stay I am more adamant about than I used to be. All those years that I spent trying to figure myself out and figure out how to live are finally paying off. Now that I’m in a place where I can see more clearly, I am able to challenge myself effectively. I know which questions I want to ask and how to react to the new ones that pop up. I love being almost 40. Things are finally coming clear! Ok, so it happens for other people sooner (or later), but I’m happy that it’s happening for me.

I spent most of my 30’s getting comfortable in my own skin. It seems I’m now going to spend some time getting comfortable in my own mind. This is exciting! Thanks for hanging around while I explore some of these questions and figure my own life out.

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2 Responses to Older and, maybe, wiser

  1. Your Sister says:

    You rock.

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