So, remember how I said that I’d watched the documentary Food, Inc and read a couple of books about the same kinds of things? I said that I’d been having trouble eating meat. Well, I still am. However, I have not been eating vegetables either. I have been surviving on cereal, bread, and milk. And not much of that. I have had a mental block about food for a while now. Having read about agribusiness and CAFOs and the lack of regulation and chemicals and all the rest, it feels like food manufacturers are out to kill us all.

Ok, I know that’s not the case. I still feed my family and, if I really thought that, there is no way I’d feed them food I thought was harmful to them. I have eaten conventional food my whole life and been fine. And I know that I have been making better choices for my family when buying the foods I am going to feed them. My garden will provide some as well. But I can’t seem to get past the thoughts in my head.

I want to be a vegetarian but I am not overly fond of many of the vegetables I’ve tried so far. And, I actually liked steak and chicken and all that. I will be experimenting with more veggies in the near future. I went to the used bookstore and bought a couple of vegetarian cookbooks and Being Vegetarian for Dummies. As always, I figured it would be a good primer.

One of the things that makes wanting to be a vegetarian difficult is the substitutes. Veggie burgers just don’t look appetizing. And tofu? I know, I am judging before I have tried it. I’ve never been a very adventurous, or even a little adventurous eater. I’m downright picky and afraid of change. I think that’s what’s keeping me from making the actual commitment to vegetarianism.

So, maybe the solution is that I don’t make a formal commitment to becoming a vegetarian. Maybe I just decide that I’m going to eat less meat (which won’t be difficult since I’m not eating any at all). For a former carnivore, making meatless dinners is going to be a challenge. It can’t all be pasta and salads. That’s where the cookbooks come in though. So, I’ll be giving this whole vegetarian thing the old college try. I’ll let you know when I’ve tried tofu.

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