My first harvest (and my odd kids)

The kids are almost out of school and I am almost back in. We’ll see how this goes.

I harvested my first tomato the day before yesterday. I have promised to at least try everything that I grow this year. Raw tomatoes are not my favorite. From here on out I will cook them into spaghetti sauce or let others eat the salsa that I make. I have a ton of tomatoes on the way, grape and regular.

I somehow got zucchini growing in my compost pile. It was going strong but we picked it, I want that compost nice and nutritious for my garden, not sucked dry by squash this season. I already have some in my garden and didn’t need five more plants growing.

My son was concerned about chemicals in my garden. I told him that I didn’t use any and he said, “Well, at least that’s one farmer who doesn’t!” My boy the environmentalist. Meanwhile, my youngest is very carefully piling up dirt near a hole he dug, then turning around and kicking it into the hole like a dog. The boys have very different priorities right now.

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