So, my husband is dead set against chickens at this time. He says we won’t have the time to care for them properly and I won’t be able to collect the eggs in a timely enough manner. He has a point but I am still sorely disappointed.

I have stopped reading my homesteading books for a while. It just makes me want to start my homestead now and I can’t. It’s enough for now that I have a thriving garden. We’ll build from there. We agree that we want between two and five acres for our next house. I will have enough room to experiment on that much land. Maybe grow some grains.

So, for a while I will be diving into my backlog of to be read books. I have a couple that I really want to get to before I dive back into frugality and finance. I’ve always been more of a fiction reader than nonfiction and I’m feeling the need for some escapism.  🙂

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3 Responses to Deferment

  1. says:

    When you finally get those 5 acres, just remember that I told you 2 is more than enough. Good Lord, the work of keeping up just 2 as you get older! You are so right about building from the thriving veggie garden. Do you have a compost pile, for instance? Are you working on amending your soil to make it the best? I’m reading for escapism right now myself.

  2. imsarahsky says:

    Chickens are easy!!!!! You throw corn at them everyday and get their eggs at least once a day.

    • I just can’t convince my husband of that. One of my father in law’s friends told stories about hens pecking him when he tried to get eggs and now my husband is set against it. At least until we move.

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