Yes, I’m headed back to school. This time I’m going for nursing. I wanted a non-traditional job where I could help people. Nursing sure fits that bill! We’ll have to send the kids to summer camps at the local YMCA while I’m in summer classes, so we won’t be paying off the car in the next few months, but once the fall semester starts we’ll be back on track. At least we had the money saved already.

We registered them for the camps and put down the deposits for them today. Ugh. It hurt to part with that much money all at once. Boy have we changed. We used to spend as much on junk and not bat an eye. It was nice to see evidence of how much better we’ve gotten with money.

No matter that we get off track sometimes (life does happen after all), we have paid off over $6000 in about 9 months. Not terrible. We’ve scrounged money from everywhere to do it, and we have a long way to go yet, but I’m pleased overall. We’ll be back on track in a few months and on our way to paying off the second car. I have to admit that it feels different to drive the one that we’ve already paid off. We own it. It’s nice.

Anyway, I thought the changes were over with for a while but, it seems I was wrong again. Maybe this time school will be different. I’m going to be training for a specific career instead of doing a liberal arts degree. I’ve looked at the curriculum and every class makes sense, there is no real filler. I won’t be writing endless essays for no real reason. That in itself is a relief.

The one constant in my life is change. I should be used to it by now. Ah, well. We’ll get ourselves figured out eventually.

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