Sudsy update

I bought more washing soda and Borax this morning, along with some epsom salts. Also, I found a recipe on Pinterest for a sugar scrub for faces that I might try out. The only problem is that I have oily skin and this has coconut oil in it. Not sure how that will work out. We’ll see. I’ll post my opinion along with the recipe once I’ve tried it.

The grand total for 2 boxes each of washing soda and borax was $16. The epsom salts were $3 for a 4 pound bag. The Fels Naptha for the laundry detergent was $0.97 each. And the Lemi Shine for the dishwasher was $3. So, for $29 (2 each of washing soda, Borax, epsom salts, and 4 Fels Naptha bars) I have laundry detergent and dish detergent for 4 to 6 months as well as bath salts for my aching muscles. I already have gorgeous orange blossom essential oil for the salts.

I’m about to make soap again as well. It’s still the melt and pour kind, but it’s done well with my skin and I love being able to scent it how I want. I may do tea tree oil this time, it’s supposed to be anti-bacterial. I’m not sure I need anti-bacterial soap though. We haven’t missed it at all, and the stuff I made last time seems to be gentler on my skin. We’ll see how much of each oil I have and that will probably be the deciding factor.

So far all of the recipes that I’ve tried have worked well. I thought about trying one of the recipes for laundry soap that uses OxyClean but decided against it after reading all of the warnings on the box. I’m trying to make things safer and healthier, that stuff doesn’t seem to be either. Many of the recipes that use OxyClean also use the laundry scent boosters that are available now. I guess my position is, if you are making your own laundry soap you are most likely concerned about price and/or harmful chemicals in your detergents. Why add expense and chemicals back in? That’s just me though. You could always go the step further and make liquid laundry soap and add essential oils in to make it smell nice. A bottle of oil is about $4 and 20-30 drops scents an entire batch of body soap. A little goes a long way.

Since I started the blog back in January I have only had to make two batches of laundry soap and I am still on my first batch of dish soap. We typically do dishes every day or every other day. Next time I will know not to store my dish soap in a container that has a steam vent in the top. I forgot about that and moisture got in and made it clumpy. Lesson learned – pay more attention to the containers I put things in.

Anyway, that’s my soapy update.

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2 Responses to Sudsy update

  1. Your Sister says:

    Where did you get that orange blossom essential oil? It sounds wonderful. I bought some Watkins orange dish soap several months ago, and now I never want to use anything else. Orange scents are wonderful in the kitchen, and orange blossom must be equally lovely. Great blog, by the way!

    • I got the oil at a health food store near my house. I smelled all kinds of interesting things and the orange blossom was by far the nicest. I make my own dish detergent. Apparently you can use lemon Kool-Aid in it and it’ll clean your dishes as well as give you a nice lemony scent.

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