My little garden



Here is a very gardeny scene. Potatoes foregrounded with a wheelbarrow and compost heap backdrop.


My beautiful garden. I have some of everything in there and I’m not sure where most of it is, so it’s a jumbled up surprise. I have discovered that I have about a dozen pea plants though. We’ll be eating peas for quite a while if they go alright. My beets are doing quite well there near the bottom, as are my broccoli all the way up top. Little lettuce sprouts and some squashy-type things are doing well, too.


I may have overcrowded my grape tomatoes a little in here, but they looked deceptively small. As it is, they are flowering and starting to fruit so I might be ok yet. This deck box seat thingie was disgusting inside. Dirt and bug droppings and all kinds of nastiness. No one wanted to touch any of the stuff that was in there. So, I dumped dirt on top of it all and planted tomatoes! I think it’s all turned out for the best.

So, there you have it, my little garden. I have a container – you can just see it next to the potatoes – with carrots in it, and another with ornamental pumpkins. We’ll see how the pumpkins do since the dog got to them and only a couple may have survived the massacre.

I’m optimistic though it’s early in the season yet. This is certainly the best I’ve ever done. I love sitting out back and just watching the butterflies and bees play around the plants. I love admiring how different they all are. But I’ve said all of that recently, haven’t I? I guess I’ll leave it at that then.

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1 Response to My little garden

  1. bmary says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see all the goodies they produce!

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