Watching the plants grow

My garden is coming in beautifully. After the dog dug it up, I replanted, as you may remember. Well, now I have about a dozen pea plants growing. At least they’re all in the same general area and not spread throughout the garden. Everywhere else surprises are coming up. There are a couple of things growing whose identities remain shrouded in mystery. I am growing so many new things this season because I have the space that I have no idea what some of the plants look like. It will be a surprise. I think I already have a couple of weeds but I can’t be sure. Everything is still so small and I don’t know what some of them are supposed to look like as sprouts. Oh well. I’ll figure it out sooner or later. I would take a picture but I’m writing this in the middle of the night. Maybe tomorrow.

I love getting out in the backyard and just watching my plants grow. I know it must sound strange to anyone who doesn’t garden (and probably some who do), but I love seeing the changes from day to day. I love admiring the beauty and uniqueness of the different kinds of plants and wondering what evolutionary forces acted on them to make them grow the way they do. I adore the little flowers that signal the coming fruits of the plant. I already have a bunch of yummy tomatoes growing, and my purple potatoes are flourishing.

I actually dreamed yesterday that the devil offered me an apple tree that was full of fruit. I don’t remember what the bargain was (it wasn’t knowledge, just apples) but I refused. It caused me quite a pang, even in my dream. I love apples.

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