Spending and saving

We are spending a whole lot a week on milk, eggs, and yogurt. We really need some chickens and a cow. Granted, we are paying a premium for organic, humanely raised products, but in the long run it’d probably be cheaper to buy the animals and raise them ourselves. We use a lot of dairy and eggs. A lot. Two growing boys, a man who’s basically an amateur bodybuilder, and me. I’m the only one who uses a normal amount of this stuff! Ah well. At least it’s the healthy stuff we’re spending money on instead of junk. The kids get snacks, but we’re working on transitioning to healthier diets for all of us.

We have been sticking to the once a week shopping trips and that’s cut down on our grocery bill, but me not being home to plan meals and cook has led to an increase in pizza. Not really saving money. So, I’ve planned this week’s meals and left the plan on the refrigerator door. I’ll leave him instructions on how to cook things during the week. Everything’s already out of the freezer to thaw. I hate leaving them to fend for themselves when I actually enjoy cooking most of the time, but that’s the nature of my work for now.

It’s funny, ever since I really started trying to be aware of how much I’m spending on groceries, I’ve been buying less stuff overall. I mean, obviously it’s not terribly surprising, but I didn’t think I was buying quite so much unnecessary stuff before. Apparently I really was. I bought a bag of chips the other day for the first time in months. They have become a treat again instead of an all the time thing. I’m still buying Goldfish crackers and granola bars for the kids, but the majority of the snacks they used to get have become things they only get once in a great while.

Grocery spending awareness has led to awareness of all the other wasteful spending I did. I went out the other day and spent money on gardening stuff that I didn’t strictly need. It was just stuff I wanted and that made me happy. I confessed the expenditure to my husband like I was confessing desecrating the Shroud of Turin. My, how times have changed. You certainly won’t hear me complain though.

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