Back in the swing of things

Hanging laundry again for the first time in a while. Unplugging appliances, turning off power strips. Throwing open doors and windows to keep the house comfortable. Using sunlight instead of lamps. Spring is a good time to get back in the swing of things, isn’t it?

In times of stress we tend to revert to what is familiar. For those of you lucky souls raised by thrifty parents, this isn’t a bad thing. For me it meant convenience foods (most of it high sugar), lots of electricity use, and doing things the quickest, easiest ways possible. Not great.

But, spring is a time of renewal. Spring cleaning happens. Both things and habits. I’m heading in the right direction again and happy about it. Windows are open with sunshine and breezes coming in. Clothes are hung. The birds are singing to each other. It’s a wonderful time to be alive, spring.

Wherever you are, change is in the air. Revel in it. The seasons change and so do we. Use it as a push to do something new. Get yourself back on track from letting things slide over the winter (or summer). Finish projects. Learn something new, you can use your new skill to make gifts for birthdays and holidays! I know that my parents are getting homemade strawberry jam this year. Maybe dried apples and glycerine soap, too. Those are skills I’ve picked up over the last year. Heck, detergents may be welcome, too!

Cool! I think I just took care of the holidays!

In any case, changing seasons are times to celebrate and signal change in oneself as well as nature. Take the time to appreciate the grand displays happening outside your door, and the shift in mood within yourself as well. As you can tell, I’ve perked right up and am enjoying my renerwed energy and the flowers and colors outside. I’m using that energy to get back into the swing of things and to learn more and teach my children more about the world around me. How will you use it?

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