Garden bliss

Apparently I don’t need 10 acres and fields of veggies and a fruit orchard to be happy. I have a 12’x3′ garden box and 4 half barrel planters and I am positively giddy. I went and bought a big, floppy sun hat, a flower patterned watering can for the planters that I can’t reach with the hose sprayer, a harvest basket, and I already have gardening boots and gloves (they’re mechanic’s gloves from working on the car, but they work well in the garden, too). We have used almost all of the dirt that we had delivered. We thought it was going to be way too much. Turns out it wasn’t, we could use more to finish off the front yard flower beds!

I am having a wonderful time sitting out on the back deck, admiring my dirt. The weather has been gorgeous and I’ve left the doors and windows of the house thrown open. We finally got a fence up around the garden last week so the dog won’t destroy it again. It seems to be working so far.

I think I have planted at least 3 of every veggie known to man.  🙂  I planted purple potatoes and my older son is having a wonderful time imagining purple potato chips and purple baked potatoes and such. My younger son classes purple potatoes with green eggs and ham – yuck! I have wrung a promise to try at least a little of everything from older boy. They both love helping me water. I sure hope some of it actually grows.

I am in garden bliss right now. The dirt holds so much potential and, as always at the beginning of the season, I am optimistic that it will be a good year. I have the time to properly tend it this year (no homework to do). I am usually the Angel of Death for plants, but hope springs eternal. If nothing else, I am happy as a clam right now!

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