Older boy

My boy is growing up. My older son (who’s only 8 mind you) told me that he doesn’t want me to come in and wake him up anymore, he wants his own alarm clock. So, off I trotted to the store to buy him one. I looked at the small, cheap ones and then I looked at the Justice League one. Guess which one he got? That’s right, Justice League. It came down to the choice between cheap and something I thought he’d actually be inclined to use. If it’s cool superheroes, he’ll want to use it. So, we’ll see. If nothing else, it’s also a savings bank.

He helped me plant my garden last weekend, as well. He’s going to help me tend it. I asked if he was going to eat some of the produce that we harvest and he said no. He’d tried broccoli and didn’t like it. He tried carrots and didn’t like them. I explained that there are more than just those two vegetables and that he’d never tasted veggies straight from the garden before, it is a whole different taste. (Not that I really have either, but that’s what I hear) He has agreed to try. That’s a huge concession from the boy. Now I have to get at least something out of that garden!

He is becoming the Lorax. He speaks for the trees. My husband went out over the weekend and hacked out a root that was buckling our walkway around the side of the house. My son (same one) stood over his shoulder and told him that he was killing nature and he should stop. My husband had to explain the the tree has many roots and it wouldn’t die because he cut this one. Older son is still doubtful.

He’s gotten into the spirit of planting. He ate an apple the other day and planted the seeds in peat pots to try to grow his own apple tree. I have no idea if seeds from an organic red delicious apple will sprout but I applaud the effort. If they do sprout, we’ll plant the tree and, when we move, it will come with us if at all possible. That way he can grow up with a tree that he planted. He is going to be my environmentalist I think.

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