Hobby farm dreams

Apparently there is a growing movement of hobby farmers. They aren’t interested in profit because they make their money elsewhere. They are the ones, like me, who are interested in healthier lifestyles.

My dream these days is to become a hobby farmer. I want a few acres where I can grow a ton of food, raise a few animals, and live in a medium-sized home with my family. We don’t need a big, showy, McMansion, we just want room for the kids to run and play, and for us to experiment with whatever. Quarter acre farm gardens, maybe a pig. Certainly chickens. Just a small operation.

Maybe I’ll have a farm stand someday where I can sell organically raised veggies for cheap. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to eat healthy. I don’t plan on competing with real farmers but I wouldn’t mind selling some excess to people who may not be able to afford certified organic food regularly.

Boy have my dreams changed. I used to want to be a lawyer. Until I tried studying for the LSAT and found out that I stink at logic games. I could just never get the hang of them. Then I wanted to be a teacher. Until I had to give presentations in classes and I remembered that I hate public speaking. I thought about being a microbiologist. Pre-calculus almost defeated me utterly. I would have had to go through calc 4. Uh, no. So, my dreams are changing. I want a little homestead. Maybe someday I’ll build a straw bale home with nice, deep window seats. This all depends on whether or not I can get a silly garden to grow of course.

We got a mix of compost and topsoil delivered day before yesterday. I have my tomato plants in the ground, I just need to get some wood and landscape fabric and chicken wire to create a raised bed with fencing that will keep the dog out. Exciting. I am filled with anticipation and excitement. I am doing my best to keep everything alive now – watering them regularly but not necessarily daily, letting my sons help, but only with supervision, and making sure they have plenty of sunshine. I know I can do this. Black thumb and all.

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6 Responses to Hobby farm dreams

  1. MansWhirld says:

    Keep your dreams alive and plan accordingly. Don’t succumb to the modern notion of debt and save for your future farm. If you remain true to your dream you will make it!

  2. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

    You might enjoy Facebook’s Attainable Sustainable which just posted a question about SMALL farms and got 77 responses so far.

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