Shopping is fun again!

Today I went grocery shopping and found several things at stock up prices. I bought as much as I could reasonably afford and will try to go back after I’ve sold back my textbooks this afternoon. My husband likes a certain brand of granola and no other will do for him (not even homemade), and I found it 25 cents cheaper than I’ve ever seen it. Many boxes were bought. I haven’t found a granola bar recipe that my kids will accept yet. Granola bars were on sale 50 cents less than their usual sale price. Many boxes were bought. and pasta, that wonderfully versatile stuff was 23 cents cheaper than the usual sale price. Many boxes were bought.

This stock up buying drove my grocery bill up, but that’s ok. We didn’t need much in the way of regular groceries this time around so I only spent about $30 more than normal in the end. I now have a stocked pantry and can wait until these types of sales come around again for these products. I have a freezer full of meat that I bought on sale over the last three pay periods, and some canned veggies left from my last canned goods stock up. With the pasta, I have dinners and sides for a while now.

I’ve stopped wandering the aisles aimlessly when I shop. I do go up the aisles that hold the things I normally buy even if I don’t need them right now though. That’s how I found these stock up sales. But I’ve stopped going up the chip and candy aisle at all. I don’t need that stuff. I bought all my Easter candy in one trip so that I wouldn’t be tempted to go through and buy more each time I go to the store. I’m slowly learning how to do this grocery thing. Now if I could just get my husband to cook…  🙂

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