Saving money

Yesterday I slept for 14 hours. I had the day off and, apparently I really needed to catch up on it since I started working evening/nights. I highly recommend it as a means of saving money. If you’re asleep, you can’t spend! 

I know it’s not an option for everyone though. Instead, and more often, I have been sticking to my resolve to only go grocery shopping once a week. That has actually saved us a bunch of money. We’ve had to go without things a few times, but it hasn’t hurt us at all. We don’t go hungry and, if the kids only have two choices for breakfast instead of three, they’ve managed to deal with it quite well so far. This has actually been the biggest money saver so far. That and me working.

Working has saved us money in a strange way. We lost quite a bit in losing the GI Bill stipend, and me working is not making up for that money. My husband has been working some overtime and, between the two of us, we’re making it up. But the day to day spending is much less now that I’m working. Meals at work (when I decide to get them), come out of my pay and I get a major discount. Since I’m at work or asleep for much of the day, I can’t be out spending money. We are keeping a lot more of what we make. That’s not to say that I was the only one spending money, but the shopping does fall to me more often than not. Clothes for the kids, groceries, gifts, most everything. I don’t have the time for a leisurely stroll up and down aisles at the store adding things to the cart as I go anymore. Me working is saving us money day to day even if we lost a bunch overall for me to do it.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to make some more laundry detergent. And do dishes. Yay. Anyway, talk to you again soon!

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  1. lizard100 says:

    All good advice. Thanks.

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