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So, life has truly intervened these last couple of weeks. But, I am still here. I haven’t been as thrifty as I’d like to have been either. I’ve been drying clothes in the dryer to have them ready before work. Thankfully, I’m caught up on clothes so I can start hanging them again. I ran out of laundry detergent finally. It’s been quite a while since I made it last and I’m going to make more today. It’s exciting to think of the money I’m saving by doing it myself. For around $3 I can make over a month’s worth of detergent. Not bad.

All of my plants died. Every last one. My peas and peppers were going like gangbusters, too. My son watered them for me one day without my knowledge. Those few that didn’t drown were starved out a week later when I went away for three days and no one watered them at all. I had one little sprout left though. We put it up on the windowsill to get some sunlight and hopefully grow. My cat had other plans though. Apparently he didn’t appreciate the usurper in his window because my husband watched from across the room as the cat casually swiped the poor little pot off the windowsill onto the floor. It’s a small, high window. My husband couldn’t get there in time to save it. So, he tossed it. I found out much later that night when I got home. So, all of my plants are dead. I can’t decide if I have the heart to try and start them from scratch again. If I want a garden I suppose I’m going to have to though. I read somewhere a description that is oddly applicable to my life: I am like a plant hospice, I help them along on their journey to the other world. I have a black thumb, but I keep trying.

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