New beginnings

Yesterday I started my new job. Exciting and nerve-wracking. But, I’m on the fifth Harry Potter book and I’m not in class, so that’s pretty great.

I found out that the restaurant that I’m working in uses recycled napkins. Yay! Every little bit helps.

It seems odd to talk about new beginnings in March, but there you go. We’ve donated some things, I’ve gotten rid of some books and movies, I feel lighter. I’ve started a new job with a company I hope to be with for a long time. I’ve joined a gym. Things are starting again for me and I love it.

We have a little extra money this pay period. I dreamt last night that I spent it all and had buyer’s remorse. For some reason it was on Godiva chocolate and two small, organic, free-range turkeys. Maybe because those were two of the most decadent and occasional foodstuffs I could think of? Who knows. But I dreamed that I bought them and, when I came home and confessed to my husband that I’d spent all of our “extra” money on them, I felt huge remorse and wished I hadn’t done it.

Silly dream, right? Well, not so silly when you consider that a year ago that scenario might actually have happened. “Extra” money meant money to burn. It meant I got to go play and shop. And I’d generally get so caught up that I’d spend more than I had planned. Wow. It makes me feel icky just writing that. All the money we could have saved, all the debt we could have avoided. It wasn’t all my fault, but I did have that mindset. Now, money left over means more to send to the car we’re trying to pay off. 

Things are changing and have changed. It’s been a year of transition and now I’m on to fresh starts. It’s a little scary but mostly exciting. Most of all, it’s a fresh chance, I love those.

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