Sorry, I have been celebrating. I got the job! I go in Monday to fill out the paperwork and get on the schedule. No more school for me!!!! Yippee!!! I’m reading Harry Potter to celebrate. A great series that I won’t be tested on or asked to analyze using a Marxist, feminist, or queer critique. Such a relief. My last act as a student will be to go to a convention with some of my really good friends this weekend. Not a bad note to end on.

So, that said, how does this new job line up with my gtreen and thrifty lifestyle? Not great as far as green goes – I’ll be working at a restaurant so there will be a lot of food waste – but thrifty is definitely going to be the watch word. I won’t be making a ton of money so we’ll have to start tightening our belts even more. That’s OK though, we can do it. At least I have a little practice  already and have been implementing some strategies that will help. My husband is behind me 100% and we have agreed that this is what’s best over the long term. Exciting.

I had to buy new clothes for the job. Ugh. Haven’t had to do that in a while. And, since I need them by next week, I didn’t have the luxury of time. I searched my usual thrift stores but only found two of the five pairs of pants I need. I went to the discount, we have everything from clothes to groceries stores, nothing there. So I ended up at that place which makes my thrifty heart shrivel, the mall. Thankfully, the lower end department stores (not totally crud stores, just not the high end places) had slacks on sale that fit well and were exactly what I needed. so, half thrift, half sale priced new. I can live with that. They’ll last me a good, long time.

It’s strange that, having been on such a high-flying environmental and ethical kick, it’s out the window for the time being in favor of thrift. Needs must though. Once we get through this next couple of years, paying everything off and eventually making more money, I can start focusing more on that side of it again. Until then I’ll be as green as I can while being as thrifty as possible.

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    Congratulations! You’ll still be green because just the act of being thrifty leads you to make it yourself, use it up, repurpose, etc. This article might interest you:

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