Back to basics

Ok, so I always end up at practicality eventually. Usually. Ok, sometimes. But here’s the thing…I want a job. I want to quit school (I’ve already got one degree remember) and get any job someone will give me. I’ve been in college part- or full-time for 16 years now. I should have 2 PhD’s! Instead I am ready to gouge my eyes out rather than read another “literary” book that stinks to high heaven and analyze it using ridiculous, nit-picky critical theories. When I want to read, I want to dive into a book and get lost. Not pick it apart sentence by sentence and try to interpret it in ways the author probably never meant. Sometimes you just want to read a good yarn.

Anyway…all this is to say that I may be getting a job soon and taking a pay cut. Thrifty wins the day. I want to be green and I want to be sustainable in all I do. There are still green things that are super thrifty, I’m just going to have to get back to my thrifty roots and wait until we’re out of debt to buy grass-fed, organic meat. The garden all of the sudden becomes more important than just some dirt to play in. The homemade detergents and cleaners become important as well. Price tracking, stocking up, and budgeting take the front and center spots in my attention again.

I’ve said it before, ethics are a luxury. I had that luxury for a time and now I won’t as much for a while. C’est la vie. It stinks that, just as I’m discovering the ugly truth about our food, I’m losing the ability to be picky about it. I’ll still do what I can but it won’t be nearly as much as I’d like. We won’t be desperate at all but we’ll have to stick to a stricter budget than we have in the past. You do what you have to so that later you can do what you want to.

I have been flying high on philosophical wings lately and it’s time to come back down to earth. That’s cool. I bet you were getting tired of hearing my revelations that you all have already had.  🙂  We’ll figure this frugal thing out together and be as green as we can along the way.

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10 Responses to Back to basics

  1. tarynmccall says:

    It’s ok. We can’t individually buy our way out of the problems of our current system anyway. Even if you don’t spend the extra few bucks on organic/local/sustainable you can still spend the time (if you have that instead) on community organizing to make larger changes to our food, energy and transit systems, etc. If you don’t know of them yet, you may be interested in the work of Food and Water Watch for starters…

    • I know, I just wish I could vote the way I want to with my dollars. I couldn’t feed my family if I did though. I checked out the Food and Water Watch website. Holy Cow! I had no idea they were out there, they’re fantastic! They are right in the thick of what I’ve been reading and thinking about lately. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  2. bmary says:

    Did do a post your homemade detergents and cleaners? I’m a “dish soap, baking soda and comet clean everything” and I would love to read some “real world” thoughts on homemade cleaners. There are so many recipes out there!

    I totally get you on the book thing. Sometimes you want to just read a darn book! I hated going through and finding the “right” answers! What is that?

    Good luck on the job hunt, it’s pretty bad out there 😦 I hope you find something amazing! 🙂

  3. duaimei says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather be paid SLIGHTLY lower, and be happy, than get a really high paying job and be stressed all the time. It’s not worth it…

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