Hello all! Sick kiddos all week make it difficult to get things done. Keeping two sick kids happy and entertained is a challenge. But, they deserve to feel as good as possible when they feel bad.

I think for Christmas this year I’m going to give detergents along with everyone’s presents. I’m so very converted by them, I want everyone to know how wonderful, cheap, and easy they are. I’m wondering what kind of gifts I should give though. I know it’s a weird time to be thinking about next christmas, but I’m slow and a procrastinator. If I want to do something homemade, and I think I do, I think I’d better start now. I know I can’t make blankets for everyone, that’d be too much for me. I made scarves last year and my son made stuffed animals the year before that. We like making things but there just aren’t that many things that are simple enough for me to make four of them. As you may recall, I’m lazy and relatively unskilled. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cross stitch maybe?

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