Cleaning for Spring

Well, I tried to make granola bars and ended up with oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bars instead. Not terrible but I’m the only one that likes them. I am on a quest to find homemade plain granola that is crunchy enough to satisfy my husband and granola bars that are yummy enough for my older boy to eat. I’ll get there.

I thought that, since it’s Spring (or Fall depending on where you are) cleaning time, I’d link back to my favorite cleaners. Here’s the link to some great cleaners that I use all the time.  Here’s some homemade dishwasher detergent. Love that stuff. All of these have been tested by me and they are my favorites.

In the spirit of Spring cleaning, I am continuing to get rid of stuff. Today I traded more books. I know, more? But I told you, I’m getting rid of a third of my standing library. That’s a lot of books. Ok, maybe a quarter of the library, but still.

We’re fixing to (can you tell I’m from the South these days?) tear down the kitchen pantry that I told you was breaking. It has a significant tilt to it now. Part of my cleaning is to clear that out and find new places for the stuff that’s in there. We’re going to replace it with a bookcase, since I happen to have an extra one lying around. I won’t be able to fit as much stuff on it, but that just means I’ll have to get creative and get rid of things elsewhere. The only thing that really hurts is having to find a new place for my white board. I use it to put the week’s activities and events up for everyone to see. It’s a great place for it on the front of the pantry and I’m afraid it’s too big to fit on the side of the bookcase. Ah well, get creative and find somewhere else for it, Liz!

I already feel lighter just with the little bit that we’ve done so far. Maybe it’s the weather – quite warm today – but I’m feeling really good about everything. I hope you are having a good day, too!

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