Homesteading and spending

Next week is Spring Break. It doesn’t feel like Spring! It feels like my plants are going to have to be raised indoors this year what with all the snow and cold.

My latest kick is homesteading books. We have at least three years before we can even think about moving, but I’m ready to dream a little. I’m caught up on my reading for school for the week so I have a little time to read a fun book. I know I should be getting a head start on next week’s reading, but I honestly need some time to recover and regain my equilibrium after that last one. Very graphically sexual and violent, often at the same time. Why, oh why, would he make us read that?! But, I got through it and now I want some nice, pleasant reading for a day or two. So, homesteading.

Basically all of my reading for a while now has been focused on green living, thrifty living, and self-sufficiency. Simplifying. I’m not so much about getting rid of a bunch of stuff as much as just not buying more. Once the stuff I have wears out I can decide if I really need to replace it. Books are the exception, of course. There can never be too many books. Used book credits are a wonderful thing.

Oh! So, my husband and I had a splurge day a couple of weeks ago. We went to dinner and the movies as a family  (the Lego Movie was good) and paid full price for everything. Gasp! I know! But my husband pointed out that it had been months since we’d gone out and just splurged like that. OK, not a problem. But then I thought about it and realized that he’s right, we’ve been pretty good about sticking to a budget and not going out and just spending money on things we don’t need. Shopping used to be a form of recreation for me. It hasn’t been for a while now. You know the crazy thing? I don’t miss it. I plan my shopping trips carefully and make a list and stick to it (mostly, unless I see a really great deal and decide to stock up). All of that has replaced the actual wandering the aisles randomly looking at everything. I am so busy with school and family that I don’t get bored enough to want to go shopping just for fun anymore. It’s pretty cool.I’m learning.

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4 Responses to Homesteading and spending

  1. bmary says:

    You have to go out and have fun sometimes! Glad you had a good time!

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Great experiences…there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun out with your family every now and then.

  3. says:

    Used book credits! I have a friend who has those AND she volunteers to work the public library’s sale (from donations and books they are removing from the shelves) so that she gets first dibs on books she is interested in. Plus her particular branch allows people to bring in magazine for a “free table” (mine doesn’t even though it’s the same system).

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