Book review: Get Your Pitchfork On!

GIVEAWAYS!!! Go forth and comment to win!

Midterm done for one class finally. It only took 5 hours. Ugh.

It’s snowing outside.


Our not-paid-off car.

It doesn’t feel like spring is on the way today. Yesterday it was 72 degrees outside, we threw open the doors and windows and aired out the house. Today it’s snowing. This is crazy!

I read another book yesterday. Get Your Pitchfork On! by Kristy Athens. It’s a detailed primer on small town country living. Everything from what to think about when buying your land (water rights and setbacks and clear titles) to caring for horses, sheep, chickens, and cows. It discusses canning and felling trees and small town politics. I’m not planning to live way out in the country but I still found interesting things in there. (I had no idea you could mail order chicks) I’d absolutely recommend this if you are seriously considering making the leap from an urban or suburban area to a farm, even a small one. She and her husband made the leap to a seven acre farm in 2003 and moved back to the city six years later. This is her hard-earned wisdom about every aspect of farming from tractors to eggs to garden pests. Interesting but difficult to read all in one sitting. It’s a reference book for sure.

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