Food choices

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So I went to the farmer’s market and priced Polyface Farm’s meats. It was prohibitively expensive for us. Instead I went to a butcher locally who carries grass fed beef and organic chicken. It’s not as good as Polyface, but it’s better than the alternative.

Ever since I watched that documentary, Food, Inc., I have been a de facto vegetarian. I’m not opposed to meat by any means, we are a family of carnivores, but I haven’t been able to eat  conventional meat. Ridiculous. I didn’t think the movie affected me that much, but apparently it did. So, for a while I’m going to be eating veggies and trying different kinds of beans and such to see if there are any I like. We’ll see if I can eat the grass fed beef steaks I bought. I sure hope so, I like steak!

My husband says that it’s fine if I become a vegetarian but he’s not going to join me. That’s cool, I’ll still cook the healthiest meat I can afford for him and maybe someday I’ll eat it with him again. In the meantime I’ll have to check out a few vegetarian cookbooks for ideas. Since I started working out again, I need to make sure I get enough protein. Harder but not impossible as a vegetarian.

I seem to be coming to these ethical and eco-friendly choices through the strangest means. Environmentalism through wanting to help people, and now vegetarianism (kind of) through a documentary and concern about the health and safety of conventional meat rather than ethical concerns about the animals themselves. I’m getting to good places even if I’m taking strange roads.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them? Are you a vegetarian and, if so, why? Is it ethical or something odd like me? Is there anything in your life like this? Strange ways of getting to the right places in your life? (Sorry, I’m feeling inquisitive today)

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4 Responses to Food choices

  1. bmary says:

    I try to be as vegetarian/vegan as I can when I am just feeding myself. I avoid all processed food, unless I’m a dinner guest or similar situation. I was raw vegan for a few weeks years ago for an experiment, which really, really opened my eyes on how I saw vegetables, fruits and nuts. And even how I felt about eating. The best part about it was you could basically eat as much as you want, so it have me a new view on food. Not gluttony, but a respect, I guess. I stopped worrying about fat and calories. So I bring some if that mindset into my current eating habits. I eat what I want, but focus on fresh, good and nutritional food. More of a focus on bang for my buck, I guess. Sorry for the wall of text! 🙂

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