Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it’s been a crazy week. Midterms stink. Presentations stink. And I had both this week. The midterm is a take home so that’s actually still hanging over my head.   😛 

(My 5 year old just asked to watch Star Wars. Yay! I’m raising good little geeklings to carry on the tradition!)

Ok, on to relevant things….  My Foray Into Food Storage is hosting a giveaway! She is giving away food for your emergency survival kit. Exciting! She has inspired me. I think I’ll do a giveaway as well!

I will give away two books to one lucky commenter. The Modern-Day Pioneer by Charlotte Denholtz is a cool little book that gives instructions on gardening, sewing, canning, homebrewing, breadmaking, quilting, soapmaking, first aid, and candlemaking. It’s a good reference book for the beginner in any of those arts and a good refresher for the intermediate crafter. The Moneyless Manifesto by Mark Boyle is an interesting book about going completely moneyless. His philosophy is radical and, though it may go too far for most people – he profiles a man who eats roadkill – it will certainly make you think about your relationship with money and how you use it.

The contest is open to everyone (though it may take a bit longer for people outside the U.S. as I’ve never mailed anything internationally before, I’ll need to figure out how first! Thankfully, the people at the post office are helpful.) One commenter will be chosen at random from all comments made on this post between now and Friday at midnight my time – Eastern standard time – and I’ll announce the winner a week from today (Saturday). The winner has three (3) days to contact me with their mailing information or another winner will be chosen. I won’t give your information to anyone ever and I’ll only use it to mail the book. I think that covers everything. If I’ve left anything out let me know. This giveaway is run by me and is not affiliated with WordPress at all. Good luck!

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15 Responses to GIVEAWAYS!!!

  1. lizard100 says:

    Both books sound really useful. What a great giveaway!

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  3. Ani says:

    Very interesting!

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  5. Tami K says:

    I’m totally in on the giveaway raffle! And though you wouldn’t need it to send to me, if you need guidance on international mailing, I’d be happy to help! Kudos to you for tweaking your lifestyle to a greener one. What a great example for your kids! I’ve started making my own deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and laundry detergent. Just love the ease and low cost! And warm fuzzies for being simpler…thanks for sharing your discoveries!

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  10. says:

    The first time I heard about baking soda for shampoo was on this blog which I think you would enjoy looking at:

    • Thanks! I finally got a chance to head over there and it’s great. I wish she was posting still though. The last one was in December? I will have a great time going through the archives though!

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