Thrifty tips!

Wow, I’ve been super theory, chatty girl lately. So, in the spirit of concrete tips, here are some things that I didn’t even know were things until recently. I haven’t tried most of these yet, but now that I know they’re out there, I just might.

1. No Poo. Silly name for going without shampoo. You can transition to a baking soda scrub with a cider vinegar rinse then go totally without. Some people stay at the baking soda and cider vinegar stage and some go whole hog. I didn’t even know this was a thing. The people that have done it don’t have dreadlocks or greasy hair either. It looks normal, at least in the pictures I’ve seen. It’s certainly a money saver.

2. Homemade moisturizer. Equal parts liquid glycerine and water, in a spray bottle, misted on after your shower. You can add essential oils to it for fragrance. Huh, who knew you didn’t need anything but this? I’ve tried it and it really does make a difference to my hydration starved skin.

3. Copycat recipes. There are a whole bunch of websites devoted to just copying restaurant recipes for home cooks. They’re all over Pinterest, and has a place where you can find recipes for Outback Steakhouse steak seasoning and Macaroni Grill’s rosemary bread, as well as many others. That’d be a really good meal right there. I haven’t tried any yet but you can be sure I will.

4. Homemade makeup. Arrowroot powder, cocoa and cinnamon mixed together a little at a time until you get a shade close to your skin tone and brushed on is a substitute for mineral makeup. You could mix it with a homemade lotion and smooth it on for a creamy base possibly. You can make eyeshadow the same way with different spices for different colors. Eyeliner is a bit more difficult but you can use the eyeshadow in the right shade of cocoa or some other color. You’ll get coverage and smell nice!

5. Books and websites featuring 101 uses for things like baking soda, peroxide, and vinegar. You just don’t even think about these things until you start looking for them to find out how to clean naturally. They are so darned useful! Lemon juice is a good one, too.

6. Finally, thrifty friends. I had no idea how many of my current friends practiced thrift until I started talking about it. It’s not so much a shameful secret as something most people don’t talk about. I grew up hearing that it was rude to talk about money. The way I figure it, trading thrifty tips isn’t actually talking about money, it’s just helpful.

So, there you are, six things that I didn’t even know were things. You may have already heard of them if you’re a seasoned campaigner, but I had no idea. I hope you found something interesting!

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