Updates and randomness

So, updates… my sprouts have been thinned to one per starting cube. They are all about 3″ tall and doing great. Except my bell peppers. They are recalcitrant. They refuse to sprout. It’s frustrating. I want to yell at them to grow already. But that’d just be weird. So I just give them the stink eye and then pointedly ignore them.

I still haven’t sent my dirt off to the cooperative extension. It’s just one of those things that I keep forgetting to do. I need to get on it though if I want to amend the soil in time for planting! I have at least figured out where the garden is going to be. It’s going to be divided between two plots right near the back door to the house. I’ll have enough room for everything I wanted to plant.

I haven’t been hanging laundry lately. I know, I know. Somehow I got behind by a few loads and just wanted to be caught up again. So now the clean clothes are sitting in a heap next to the dryer, waiting to be folded. They’ve been there for three days. At least I’m almost caught up again so I can start hanging again with tomorrow’s load. Sometimes you just need clean, dry pants.

I will make the final payment on one of the cars tomorrow. We’ll free up a big chunk of money to start paying toward the other car and get it paid off early. We’re getting going now and it feels great. If everything works out, we should be out of debt except for the house in about two to two and a half years. It seems like a long time, but I get to watch the balances go down each month and that’ll keep me motivated.

On a different note, how horrible is it that I have all of these things that I bought before the whole shift in my thinking, and now I want to use them up because it would be wasteful not to? The problem isn’t so much that as the fact that I feel guilty every time I use them. Things like single serve coffee pods, and my husband’s styrofoam coffee cups. Even if I got rid of them right now, today, they’d still be gong in the landfill. It seems a waste not to use them before they get tossed. Obviously I am not buying more of these things, but really, I do feel guilty every time I see the stack of coffee cups shrink. One more in the landfill. It’s horrible. I bought the filter so that I can use my own grounds in the single serve coffee maker, and my husband has already bought a couple of travel mugs that he likes, so we’re ready, but we need to use up the other stuff first. Am I the only one who has faced this? Waste guilt. It’s not pretty.



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2 Responses to Updates and randomness

  1. pobept says:

    🙂 almost everyone that has pepper germination problems have a cold / cool soil problem. Pepper seeds like soil temps to be 70+ degrees to germinate.
    Good luck and happy summer gardening

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