Dreams for the future

In a few more years, once the older boy is headed to middle school, we’ll be moving. The house that we’re in now is our first and, while it’s been good to us, it’s not in a good school district. My husband and I discussed it and we have agreed that we both want some land next time. We have a large backyard, but we want a couple of acres at least. We’d have to move out of the suburbs but it’s not prohibitively far out. I told him that the first things I was going to do were establish a garden and plant apple trees. I said that that much land would give us room for a large garden and a chicken coop. He didn’t say no! He asked if I knew how much work that would be, but he didn’t say no. I may get chickens!

I realized around the same time that I won’t be able to raise animals for food. I was thinking about a pig. But I cried when I had to cut the heads off of some shrimp for a special dinner for my husband. I don’t think I could send a pig that I’ve raised to slaughter. I could eventually get used to it, but I don’t think I want to. The chickens would be for eggs, not for meat. There’s a farm not far from us that raises cattle and pigs sustainably – I’m willing to let them do that and support them by buying their meat. I just don’t think I can do it myself.

In any event, wouldn’t it be cool if I could produce enough to have a little farm stand where I could sell organic veggies and eggs cheaply?  I wouldn’t want to try and make a living from farming, but I wouldn’t mind selling off some surplus affordably. I could sell baked goods as well. I love baking. Wow. That would be cool.

Ok, my priorities are changing rapidly. This is a little bit funny. I am a suburban girl, through-and-through, yet here I am dreaming of a little farm and farm stand, and an eco-friendly house. It’s a huge time commitment, who knows if I’ll ever be able to do it. I sure wouldn’t mind trying though. Even if I don’t manage a farm stand, we’ll do our best to get a couple of acres and I will have my garden and maybe some chickens. I’ll do what I can with what we have.

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6 Responses to Dreams for the future

  1. bmary says:

    Omg I want chickens too! I had them when I lived with my parents and it was so much fun. They all have their little personalities and are so much fun! I miss having chickens!

    • I’ve never had them before. They seem like they’d be great though. And I’ve heard fresh eggs are incredible.

      • bmary says:

        Fresh eggs are great! They are just a bi-product of a fun pet! My chicken’s name was Pearl and she was a ridiculously friendly bird. She came when I called and would follow me around and sit with me. She lived 5 years!

  2. lizard100 says:

    Great plan. Mind you there’s a saying ‘don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’ I only really understood that when I got chickens and when I hatched some quail eggs. You can anticipate but be careful.
    We’ve basically never had as many eggs as we expected which is good because I had been worried we’d have too many!

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