School days

Parent/teacher conferences today at my kids’ s school. It was nice to hear wonderful things about my kids.

The older one’s teacher showed me some of his schoolwork. One of the things she showed me was a page where he listed his New Year’s resolutions. His first one was to plant as many trees as possible because it would help save the Earth. That was before making his teacher proud of his work or any of the other things on the list. The boy has taken the message to heart apparently.

I have explained to him that we’re recycling and composting and doing all this stuff to save money and help the environment. He’s learned at school about rainforests and how they are being cut down. He’s making the connections between what we, as individuals, do, and the effects on the environment. The “greening” of our lives has helped him become aware at a young age of consequences, at least in this one area. That’s exciting.

My younger son is growing up with compost and recycling and all of this as just being what we do. I’m not sure how that’s going to translate for him as he gets older. What I mean is, will he understand why we’re doing it the way his brother does? Hopefully it sticks with him at least, we can always teach him why later.

By the way, they are both doing well scholastically as well as learning about the environment at home.  🙂   All in all, a good set of conferences.

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