And so it begins…

Seed starting season has begun. I am ambitious this year, I have a ton of seeds of all kinds. I subscribe to the pool version of doing things – get enough balls rolling fast enough and eventually one will go in the pocket. To that end, I have about 16 kinds of seeds (12 veggies and 4 herbs), and I’m going to plant some of each in the hope that some of one or two kinds will survive.


Obviously, not all of these can be started right now, but the ones that can are in the dirt.


                                                            With the full approval of Dasher.

Fully organic potting mix. I haven’t had great luck with organic gardening, but this year I’m determined to do it up right. Last year I used fertilizer infused dirt of a brand that shall not be named but whose track record is of large and productive plants. I got results but it felt like cheating and it wasn’t organic. So, it’s possible for me to grow things, now it’s the challenge of doing it right.

Raised planters are next. They’ll be at a comfortable height that hopefully the dog can’t reach, but the corn needs to be in the ground. That means I need to start prepping a patch of dirt. This is getting exciting!

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4 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. bmary says:

    I see the cat was helping!

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