Jammy day


This is my jam bubbling away. Strawberry, yum!


This is my canner – an old enamled stock pot. It holds two quart bottles, which is perfect because that’s how much each batch of jam makes. I was only able to make two quarts because I ran out of sugar, but we bought some yesterday afternoon and the canning will commence again later today.

I love this. It’s messy but satisfying. I feel like I am feeding my family healthier options through my own efforts. Ok, so it’s only jam for now, but it will be veggies soon enough. Exciting! I know, I’m a dork, but it’s the small things that make me happy.

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4 Responses to Jammy day

  1. Strawberry jam is one of my most favorite things! Thanks for sharing your experience canning it.

  2. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

    That’s a lot of work. There’s a freezer jam recipe that’s not as much work. A friend of mine taught it to me and my mother loved it. Dasher is beautiful!

    • Thanks! I have heard of freezer jam but don’t know how to make it. I’ll have to scare up a recipe and try it. It is a lot of work to do the cooked jam and it makes an awful mess, but it’s the way I learned. I have more strawberries so I can try it out with those. Dasher is a wonderful kitty who has grown exponentially since we got him as a 4 month old. He’s lovey and we all like him immensely, even when he decides to plop down in the middle of whatever we’re doing.

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