An award and lots of food

I was awarded the Liebster Award yesterday by a wonderful blogger. Lizard100 over at honored me with it and I am going to be passing along the honor in the next couple of days. Thank you Lizard!

So, I tried my latest scheme out today. I went grocery shopping with cash. I have to admit that I didn’t bring a calculator, nor did I add up the total in my head as I went. What I did do was pay attention to sales. I bought what was on my list at the lowest price I could find. I bought meat that was on sale and built meals on the fly from it and things I already had or ones that only needed one or two things that I could pick up very cheap. I came in $20 under budget! Next week I’ll bring along my calculator and make sure I don’t go over budget. If I forgot something, it can wait until next week.

I am using up my stockpile. It’ll be time to start restocking soon. To that end, the $20 that I saved this week is going into savings so that I can spend it on stockpile items next week. I finally used up the last of the meat from our butcher’s special the other day, so I’m saving up for two this time. Pork and beef, and poultry. We’ll be set for quite a while. I’ve been emptying my freezer so it will all fit.

One of the wonderful things I’m doing to free up space is making jam tomorrow. I had bags of frozen strawberries left over from my foray into smoothies, and some that I bought and froze on sale a while back. All in all I think I have 4 bags of the things. Hopefully it’ll be enough to get us through until strawberry picking time.

I finished buying my seeds today. The ones that can are going into starter dirt tomorrow ahead of the thaw in late March (hopefully). I am ambitious this year. I have beets (we’re going to try them. If we don’t like them, my husband can bring them into work and give them away), spinach, corn, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, peas, cucumbers (I’m going to try my hand at pickles), four different kinds of herbs, and zucchini. Thankfully I can control the size of my plot since we are doing a high raised planter or two, built to my specifications. They’re going to be substantial, obviously. We’re hoping it’ll keep the dog out of the plants. She’s young and excitable and last season she got to my lettuces.

Happy Valentine’s Day, may your every day be filled with love.

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3 Responses to An award and lots of food

  1. lizard100 says:

    Good luck with the Liebster! I enjoyed this post. We have plenty of jam.

    • Thank you so much! I promise I will pass the award along, but I don’t have 10 blogs yet that are small. I’m looking.

      Yeah, we have a quart and a half of jam left and I think we’ve been going through about one a month. I need more. This won’t be organic but at least it won’t have as much of the crud in it that store bought has.

      • lizard100 says:

        That’s okay. I had the same problem with knowing small blogs and with choosing people who’s blogs I’ve been looking a a couple of days. Make your own jam is way better.

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