Meat preservation

I just read about pressure canning on My Foray Into Food Storage here on WordPress. I have to admit, it kind of freaks me out. Exploding canners and potentially life threatening bacteria… uh, no. But I know that there is a way to do it safely, otherwise the practice wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has. She discusses canning chicken. It’s a neat idea, and really would taste better than the store bought cans I suspect.

I have been exploring ideas on what to use my dehydrator for besides fruit leather. I ran across a couple of recipes for beef jerky that I’m going to try, but canning meat was something I’d never even considered. That dehydrator should be more used than it is, but I just got it over Christmas so I’m still learning about what it can do.

As of now, I freeze all of our meat until a couple of days before we need it. That’s worked well so far, but I am always interested in new uses for and ways of storing meats. We are a carnivorous family and I would like to do the butcher’s special again, this time for a larger amount, and I’m not sure our freezers are big enough. Any ideas would be welcome!

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4 Responses to Meat preservation

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  2. Thanks for posting about my pressure canning post. It was a bit scary for me the first time, too. But I also use a chest freezer for the majority of my meat. I’m thinking about canning some beef, but I just haven’t had the time.

    Great blog! I’ll definitely be back.

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