Clothing musings

So, I thought I was all caught up on laundry – yay! – then my husband brings down a huge load of his clothes and my son brings down a full hamper. That’ll teach me to not search the house for clothes every couple of days. So, back to washing and hanging. Thanks to the clotheslines and the garment rack that I still have, I can do two loads at a time. How fun (she said, rolling her eyes). At least when I hang clothes it’s easier to pair up socks since they’re all hanging where I can see them easily. Otherwise they just get thrown in a basket as I encounter them one by one, never to be matched until desperately needed.

On the plus side, as I was trying desperately to do anything but my homework yesterday, I finally got around to re-patching my son’s bluejeans. This time I patched the knees on the inside. They still have that dangerous, “I’m rough and rugged” look to them, but they’ll keep his knees from getting cold. I think I did a better job this time, too. The patches seem to be on there better than they were the fist time. We’ll see how they hold up.

I went through one of my craft storage tubs a little while back and found a ton of fabric and several patterns for blouses, pants, and dresses. Granted, one of the dresses was Scarlett O’Hara’s Gone With The Wind picnic dress, so, probably not going to be making that for day wear, but I have a bunch of usable stuff there. Very cool. I have decided that I need to learn to sew better than I already do. I can do basic things like Halloween costumes for my children, but actual clothing that needs to fit well and hold up is something I need to work on. Fabric stores are always having sales and great coupons, once I get better with the machine, I can sew the clothes that I want and that will fit me properly, probably for a fraction of the cost. Pencil skirts and wiggle dresses (once I hit my goal) are not cheap.

I have a tub of clothes that are the next size down, as you may remember. I looked at them and saw some of my favorite jeans and shirts from years ago. Instead of getting rid of them, it’s inspired me to get back in the gym so that I can fit into them and get rid of my larger clothes instead. I will be getting rid of an entire wardrobe one way or the other.

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