Small achievements

These are what I live for these days. Each load of laundry hung is an achievement. That $10 off my electricity bill is exciting and I want to see if I can make it more. Getting the water bill and seeing that we used less feels great.


This whole frugal and green way of life has become a challenge. Not me against anyone else, but to see if I can get better than I was. If I compared this, my beginning, to anyone else’s already green way of life, I’d be in a sad, sad, place. I’d feel inadequate and like I wanted to give up because I wasn’t making any difference anyway. If I compare this month’s water bill to last month’s though, I can see a small victory, or a challenge to do better next month.

The sense of achievement I will feel when my first batch of compost is ready will be tremendous. As will that first harvest of organic veggies from my garden. Not to mention the sense of pride I felt when I looked at the sock and sweater I mended a while back and both were holding up to washing and wearing beautifully.

It’s small things that, when compared to what you were doing a year ago, can create pride and joy. I am not Ed Begley Jr., and I am not Robert Redford. I am not an environmentalist of long standing. What I am is a beginner. Beginnings are exciting. Beginnings allow you the joy of discovery and accomplishment. I am feeling optimistic and excited about my new way of life and that’s what makes my small achievements big.

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