My sad compost

So, composting. There are ways to do it correctly and then there is the way I’m doing it. I have cordoned off a section of my yard (so that the dog can’t get into it) with wire mesh and am tossing food scraps (except meat and dairy) into it. Newspaper goes in there, too, as do the remains of last year’s garden.This is great and it will, eventually, break down into usable soil, but it’s not ideal.

The right way to compost involves layering, getting the right mix of carbon to nitrogen, and turning your pile regularly. Look at for more information. It’s a good resource, and gives great tips on doing it right.

My pile is going to need some help. I didn’t really look into it too much before I started my pile. I just started throwing things on the ground in a heap and hoping it would decompose someday. But, that’s one of the things I love about gardening. There is a right way to do things and, even if you start out poorly, you can usually fix your mistakes. I started out poorly. From here on out, my compost pile is going to get covered, turned, and layered. I may not have compost ready for spring planting, but I might have it for the fall crops. And that’s going to feel like quite an achievement.

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