Random apple tree thoughts




I know it’s not the point of the quote, but I want an apple tree. I have wanted one for the past couple of years. Our soil is cruddy though because of all the pine trees on our lot. Add to that, we know we are going to move in a couple of years, and my husband not wanting to clutter up the yard even more, and I haven’t gotten one.

I have decided that when we move to our next house, I am getting an apple tree. Maybe a dwarf orange tree for inside, too. We should be in that house a good, long while so it’ll make sense to plant trees that I want. The first year we are there I am going to establish a compost heap, plant a garden, and at least one small apple tree. Really there should be two if you want them to pollinate well… And yes, I know there’s no such thing as a small apple tree, but there are some that are smaller than others.

Our family eats apples like you wouldn’t believe. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is a stricture my husband has taken to heart it seems. My older boy loves peanut butter with his apples and asks for apples in his school lunch. Once the braces come off my teeth I am going to be eating the heck out of some apples. (Caramel apples, and peanut butter apples, and plain apples… Yum!) An apple tree or two would be a wonderful thing.

So, I am planing for my future home and will, even if only a little, be looking for someplace that is suitable for all of this. All else being equal, the one most fit for gardening and apple trees is going to get my vote. 🙂

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