OK, I’m an English nerd. I admit it and even revel in it. I love finding the perfect quote to go with my sentiment. This one speaks to me. The first step in becoming even an amateur, partial, beginner environmentalist was looking inward and figuring out what was important to me.

I am not a budding environmentalist because of a love of animals or trees particularly, it is because I am interested in preserving the planet so that future generations can keep learning and exploring. I am interested in relieving the most basic kinds of suffering – the need for fresh water, clean air, and food.

I think there are ways to make a difference and it all starts by looking at what you believe and aligning your thoughts and actions with it. If you think differently, you will act differently. I made the decision to start trying to save money and get us out of debt first. I wanted to free our income up to play with. Very quickly that led me to homemade products. From there I realized that homemade could mean natural. That’s when I really started evaluating what was important to me. Things that never really bothered me came into sharp relief as things that I should change.

My inside decisions and goals shaped my outward actions. It seems basic, but there’s the idea of “fake it til you make it”. That can bring short term results, like changing a bad mood, but for long term change, you need to change the fundamental, inside things. To rearrange your priorities by really considering where you are and where you want to end up. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s a necessary step.

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