Detergent update

Success! I wanted to see how the dish detergent would work, if it was even worth making up a big batch. I mixed up one helping – 1 teaspoon each washing soda and borax, and 1/ 2 teaspoon each of the Lemi Shine and salt. It worked great! Just as well as the expensive detergent we’d been using because we have hard water. Yippee! Pennies a load instead of 50 cents a load. I’m so happy.

I mixed up a big batch using the recipe I posted and, after doing that and mixing a batch of the laundry soap, I still have half a box each of the washing soda and borax. This is even better than I anticipated it would be. Those boxes that I bought will last for months of cleaning!

I still have a couple of bottles of liquid laundry detergent to use, but I’ll try out the homemade on my next load. I’m using Fels Naptha as my shredding soap, it’s a laundry bar. I don’t know how organic it is, but it’s super cheap (97 cents a bar) and is supposed to be great. Even if it’s not exactly natural, there will still be fewer chemicals present than in the regular commercial detergents.

This is exciting. Yes, I know, it’s detergent, but it’s a victory. The plastic storage containers that we have came out clean and not clouded, the glass and silverware are sparkling. I’ll let you know hoe the laundry goes.

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