How I got here

I started by cancelling all of our unused or underused subscriptions. The gym, the newspaper, the data plan on my phone (I have a wi-fi enabled tablet, I didn’t need both), the cable TV. I thought we’d have to reconnect the cable TV pretty quickly, but it turns out Netflix is enough for us.

I then turned down the thermostat and started hanging clothes sometimes on a rolling garment rack that I bought for around $15. My electricity bill immediately went down about $10 a month and I wasn’t even line drying my clothes consistently!

I bought books on frugality (yes, I know, but I reread them often enough to merit purchasing them used) and green living, and started adopting some of the tips from those. (I’ll have to remember to give you the 20 minute pizza dough recipe I found) I read them not only to get ideas, but to keep me motivated to continue learning about and practicing being green and thrifty. I did make the vow to buy only used and electronic books from now on, too.

I started this blog to keep me accountable and trying new and new-to-me things. So far I am tending more toward the philosophical side of things, but that’s because I just haven’t that many practical things to share yet.

As I move forward, I am gathering more strategies and recipes and such and it is making a bigger difference in my bottom line and my outlook. I feel like I’m doing something useful and helpful. My start was small, but my actions are getting more significant.

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