Spring cleaning? And random other thoughts

More like Spring get-rid-of-a-bunch-of-stuff. My husband is all for it. He, too, is sick of the house never feeling clean. I wonder which of us will cry mercy first. Who will finally call a halt and not be able to pare down anything more? Probably me. So, probably next weekend, we’ll start clearing out closets and such, rearranging and hauling truckloads to the thrift store. That’s generally what we do with our gently used stuff. We don’t get money for it immediately but we get a tax write off, and the organization gets help. It’s a win-win.

The flower and garden show was yesterday. My family tagged along behind me while I reveled in the planning stages of this year’s garden. The cooperative extension for our area (every state in the U.S. has one) does soil testing. All I have to do is send them a sample of my dirt and tell them that I want to grow a vegetable garden and they’ll tell me what amendments my soil needs to make it work. They have master gardeners on call to help with questions about turf, trees, gardening, flowers, anything at all plant related. They were begging people to take their pamphlets and information sheets and to keep their phone number handy. They love what they do and really want to help people be successful. I shall be availing myself of their wisdom this growing season.

I’m into my semester at school so no more reading for fun. I’m averaging about two books a week for my classes, that doesn’t leave much fun reading time.  Oh well. I’ll be able to finish my books on being greener and thriftier once the semester is over. I’ve decided that I’m not a real fan of modern literature. Half of the authors don’t write endings. It’s frustrating! I’m a genere reader and there I’ll stay. Romance, mystery, sci fi, fantasy, period literature, I read them all. Modern lit just isn’t my thing. It’s too bad one of my classes focuses on it. I am destined to be frustrated this semester.

I did say this post was going to be random, didn’t I?

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