Creating yourself


I am creating myself as a more thoughtful, compassionate, mindful person. I am crafting a life that I can be proud of and that aligns with my ethics. I am creating opportunity for my family by getting out of debt. It all sounds pretty grandiose for someone who just started unplugging small appliances when she isn’t using them, but it is the life that I am picturing for myself; an ethical, meaningful life that I can be proud of modeling for my children and those around me.

Thankfully my family is on board. My husband is along for the ride – he really doesn’t mind as long as it’s not too big an invonvenience. My older son is all for it and is helping me brainstorm ways to save money and help the environment. My younger son is just growing up with it being the way things are. It’s a lot easier to create a better life for your family when they agree on goals (whatever those may be).

Even if your family doesn’t ageee with your goals, you can still do small things to make a difference all by yourself. If you prioritize being green, you can start taking shorter showers, plant a couple of trees, and take part in a cleanup. If it’s frugality you’re concerned with, bring your lunch to work, make coffee at home and bring it in a thermos to work instead of buying it, meal plan so that you eat out less often. Small things make a difference. Maybe, over time  you can bring them around. If not, you know that you’re using what you have and doing what you can.

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