Tiny houses and changes


I read recently about tiny houses. These are for people who really want to pare down. They are around 250 square feet and people live there with the bare minimum of stuff. The idea is interesting. Minimalism is an attractive concept when you have a house crammed full of stuff until it’s coming out of the rafters.

My family is all for paring down but we can never seem to get rid of enough stuff to really make a dent. I tend to hold on to things because they seem like they’ll be useful. Or because I used them once upon a time and may again. I’m a big one for collecting things for a project, starting it, and never getting very far. I have a couple of plastic tubs full of craft supplies. I’m starting to find alternative uses for a lot of it which is nice, but I have more than I need.

Minimalism seems so nice – only having what you need or find beautiful around you. I’ll be honest though, getting rid of that much stuff seems daunting. It’d be one heck of a garage sale. It seems a shame to let go of some of this stuff for pennies on the dollar. That’s not a great reason for holding on to things that I’m not using though, is it? The more valuable things can be sold through the classified in the newspaper. Movies and books can be donated to the library or sold to a used bookstore. There are ways, if you’re willing.


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2 Responses to Tiny houses and changes

  1. Hardik Nagar says:

    Such a beautifully honest post.
    Minimalism is Scary. As hell. In the arena of your stuff and pretension, we feel secure. Once you start to pare them down to essentials to the things that you actually need, the feeling of security tied to it goes away. You’re vulnerable. You’re on your own. You’re not your stuff anymore. You’re, you. That feeling is liberating as well as daunting. But it is worth it. Kicks you out of your comfort zone
    Would love a feedback from a fellow minimalist on my blog about Minimalism and Simplicity.
    Keep in touch. Cheers!

    • Yes, minimalism is daunting. I’m not sure how minimalist I can go before I get scared off, but I’m going to try, some is better than none. You’re right though, in some ways our stuff is our definition of self. I appreciate thefeedback and I will certainly be posting more in minimalism in the future.

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