Doesn’t that sound like something wonderful? It sounds like it aligns well with being more environmentally aware and certainly more frugal. The first part implies arestful environment, free from visual clutter. The “pursuit of the essence of things” seems like a really good way to evaluate the importance of things. How important is it to have that specialized appliance cluttering up your counter? Can you use something you already have? Can you borrow it? That shirt that doesn’t go with anything you have? You’ll need to buy more stuff to use it. Is it worth it?

This kind of evaluation can lead to an awareness of not only your own consumption habits but those of the wider community. Are we consuming responsibly? Are our resources being used responsibly? Are there ways we could consume less? All of those things that you got rid of to realize your minimalist goals, did they go to good homes or get recycled rather than simply thrown away? Are there ways we can keep from cluttering up the planet?

Minimalism seems to lend itself to responsible consumption. Using fewer things in more ways – use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without – is minimalist, eco friendly, and frugal. While true minimalism may not be something you want to strive for – tiny houses aren’t for everyone – many of the tenants of minimalism overlap and are important to being happily frugal. Not feeling deprived is important and, if you can start evaluating the things you own in terms of their importance to you and your goals, it will give you a different perspecive on what you truly need. Even if we never become truly minimalist, there are important lessons to be learned from those who have.

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2 Responses to Minimalism

  1. Hardik Nagar says:

    Brilliant entry.
    I loved the quote and the way you deciphered it.
    Indeed, some people choose to go extreme and deprive themselves of things. That in-turn making them feel full and good, makes them feel horrible.
    Would love a feedback from a fellow Minimalist on my blog about Minimalism and Simplicity.
    Keep in touch. Cheers!

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