I know that I’ve talked about my family here and that my kids were my inspiration for my transformation. However, let’s be realistic here, not everyone has kids. Not everyone needed kids to make them realize saving money – and the planet – is important. Some of you realised it without major life changes. 🙂  I admire those who did. I’d like to apologize to the singles, the childless, the empty nesters, and anyone else who reads this. I can speak of my experience but that doesn’t mean I’m unaware that my experience isn’t universal. I have articluated some of my personal philosophy, again, not universal. I hope that it’s at least recognizable though. Wanting to pay off debt is pretty universal if you’re in it. Wanting to be healthier is pretty universal, too. Greener choices can mean healthier choices – fewer toxins entering your home and your body. “If I eat enough preservatives, can I live forever?” is not really the best way to live I’ve discovered.

So, let’s go on a trip together. Let’s get out of debt, make healthier choices, and help others. Those goals transcend family status, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, religion,  weight, all of it. We all want to be able to do those things. Let’s start now.

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