False starts and second chances


Like most people, my life hasn’t been a straight line from there to here. I have gone the wrong way and made so very many mistakes, some bigger than others.

For many years I sucked, big time, as a homemaker. I’m getting better but I have a long way to go before I am June Cleaver.

I have gone through several false starts. I started to make homemade cleaners and things without paying attention to the prices of my ingredients. Then I quit. I started hanging laundry occasionally. Then I quit. I cleaned up the Christmas decorations, then I didn’t do anything more.

I have had some successes though. The programmable thermostat was a set it and forget it change. Turning off power strips when we’re not using the things plugged into them has been more of a memory thing but doable. It helps that most things have indicator lights on them to remind you that they have power. Standby power is 5 – 10%, on average, of home energy consumption. Making my own soap was 10 minutes of acual work and an hour setting time. I’ll absolutely be doing that again. And, while my first attempt was a bust, I’ll be trying to patch holes in bluejeans. So far my other fixes (a sock and a sweater) have held up beautifully, even through washes. It’s little victories that keep me going these days.


Or at least your habits. I keep trying and sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong, but I persevere. Eventually I’ll have at least part of it figured out. Then I’ll move on to the next bit. I’ll never have it all together, but, “every day, in every way, I keep getting better and better,” as my mother says.  There’s always another chance, another fresh start.

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