Why does she keep going on about being green?

I know, where have the thrifty tips gone, right? Well, I’ve shared some of my favorites and I will continue to do so as I stumble upon more. But there are reasons I want to be thrifty, and being able to afford to be more environmentally friendly is one. Some of the things I want to do cost more upfront but save money in the long run. In the very long run in some cases (solar panels, I’m looking at you!). Even gardening takes an initial investment in seeds and starts.

I want more choices for my family. I want us to be able to put our money where it means the most to us. If that means living in a tiny house on a big plot of land (it doesn’t – my husband would never go for the tiny house thing. They’re super cool though, look it up), or living in a moderate house with energy efficient everything (much more doable), once we’re out of debt, we can save more toward our dreams. Travel, good educations for the kids, maybe an advanced degree for me, a better neighborhood… we have to save for all of it. By being thrifty we can get there quicker. By being green along the way, we can help the planet.

I do the environmentalism thing because it’s the right thing to do. You just do it, you know. I want my kids to be as healthy and safe as I can make them. If that means cleaning up beaches or growing some of our food, that’s what I’ll do. I want them to have as much or more than I had. That means being frugal and showing them how to do it so that as much of their money as possible goes toward realizing their dreams. If we make the changes now, they’ll have more time to learn from our good example than they did from our bad. It’s important to help our own people and as many other people as we can during our short time on this world. And it’s important to clean up after ourselves while we’re here.

My kids inspired me to make the serious decision to go green and really start trying to practice thrift. Before they were old enough to notice what I was doing and how I did it, I never really thought about it. But when my oldest broke a toy and then explained to me that it was ok, we could just go buy another one, as if it didn’t mean a thing, I realized that my choices had to change if I wanted his to. I treated belongings as disposable, so it’s no wonder he did. We’re working on that. We’re both making changes.

Thrifty tips will return, I’ve just been on a philosophy binge lately. I’ll rejoin the real of the world presently.

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